Allen Farm Meat and Eggs

All of our animals are organically raised and grass fed.

The lambs are born in the spring.  Once they are old enough, in late autumn, we move our lambs to the meadows nearer the ocean for a month or so before slaughtering.   Our fields are misted daily by the salt spray, which gives the lamb a unique flavor reminiscent of the pre sale` lamb of Brittany.  

 Our lamb is available in limited quantities, and with a very loyal clientele we sell out quickly.    If you wish us to reserve meat we will attempt (but cannot guarantee) to do so.                 

 We sell our meat and poultry (if available) in the shop when it is open. At this time we are only able to offer our meats frozen. Please remember to allow sufficient time to defrost. Our lamb is butchered, hung, wrapped and flash frozen at a USDA certified facility on the mainland.  We are fully supportive of the ongoing efforts to create an on island slaughtering facility. We have chosen not to pursue USDA organic recognition, but rather welcome people to stop at the farm and observe, or inquire about how we raise our animals. We believe this is the strongest regulatory process of all. In trying to minimize our carbon footprint, we do not ship our perishable products.  If you would like to purchase meat off-season, please call the farm at 508-645-9064 to make arrangements.


We sell racks of lamb, loin chops, legs –(bone in and out) boned-rolled shoulders, ground lamb, shanks, stew, and when available savory sausage.   Our sausages are particularly popular; if you drive by the farm and see the sausage sign out do not tarry but purchase immediately.  


We raise Berkshire and Yorkshire pigs and have, in very limited quantities: roasts, chops, breakfast sausage, bacon and ham


Our laying hens are fed organic grain, and free range in the meadow all day.