Happy New Year!

As we enter 2015, we want to share our gratitude for the land. We are so fortunate to graze our sheep on the rich, sea salt sprayed grass during the warmer months, and the sweet smelling silage – grown, cut, baled, and wrapped here – during these winter months.

Over the past several years, Mitchell and Nathaniel have been brewing compost tea, using the highest quality compost mixed with our own biodynamic preparations, and applying it to the land. Billions and billions of microorganisms thrive, first in the brewer and soon after on the fields and in the gardens, bringing life back into our soil. After decades of overgrazed land, tilling, compaction, and depletion of topsoil, the land is coming back into a state of equilibrium. And we follow. Our health is dependent upon the health of our soil. Of course, not just here on the farm, but across the world.

IMG_1861 IMG_1862

Our greenhouse is bursting with life right now – from red russian kale, to winter spinach, to claytonia and winter marvel lettuce. Luckily, our fall (and early winter) was quite warm and my late planting turned out to be a blessing in disguise. There was no early bolting of lettuces, and instead we are still harvesting the leaves of greens that sweeten by the day.

Before we know it, it’ll be time to start our leeks and onions, and then a wave of brassicas, and then nightshades, and then…another growing season begins just as quickly as the previous one concluded.

How lucky we are. Here is to a year full of health, happiness and hope for our land to continue to regenerate life and bring us all back into equilibrium.

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