You got pigs?

Earlier this spring some friends came by with their 2 year old daughter, Loretta, to see some animals.

They had come from the Ag Hall where there had been an advertised “Barn Babies” event, which led them to believe there would be loads of baby animals wandering through the big timber-frame barn for all these tiny, eager, island children to pet. Instead they found a few other toddlers with scooters and tricycles, just riding around a big empty agricultural hall. So they drove up the road to us, in hopes of appeasing these now disappointed little ones.

I took the girls around in our garden cart, bundled with blankets, to see the chickens and collect their eggs. When we got there, little Loretta didn’t seem too excited. She stayed in the cart while we gathered dozens of eggs of all different colors and placed them gently in our egg basket. Tavi, our daughter, was proudly showing off her egg collecting skills to a disenchanted Loretta. Finally, back in the cart, Loretta, with a glimmer of hope in her eyes, turned to Tavi and said, “You got pigs?”

“No,” said Tavi.

“Well whatchu got?” asked Loretta.

Tavi listed off the other animals – sheep (with their baby lambs), horses, donkeys. But alas, no pigs. Loretta took a few eggs home to eat with her parents.

Hopefully she’ll be back soon, though, because a few days ago we picked up our pigs from our friends over at Native Earth Teaching Farm on North Road. They are 75% Berkshire, 25% Landrace, and they are pretty great. It’s been 5 years since we’ve had pigs, and we’re glad we got ’em back.

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