Meet the Farmers


Mitchell and Clarissa

Clarissa and Mitchell are committed to the Slow Food movement — a philosophy of food production which originated in Italy and which stresses small, thoughtful, traditional methods of raising meat and growing produce. Mitchell happily engages visitors in thoughtful conversation about the far reaching ramifications of genetic seed modification, “feed lot farming” and agri-business, and compost tea brewing. Clarissa encourages visitors to walk around the farm with her to see how the animals are raised and the obvious benefits of this family’s approach to farming.

ned and kaila

Nathaniel and Kaila (and Boli)

The 13th generation in the Allen family, Nathaniel is now managing the livestock on the Allen Farm – tending to the flock, caring for the pigs and meat birds, and overseeing the systems of the farm in general. He is responsible for haying the fields, twice each year, to feed the sheep through the winter. He also works off the farm with his father constructing fences on various farm properties, and applying their unique compost tea and organic fertilizer to fields and lawns across the island. Kaila tends to the gardens, focusing on biodynamic vegetable production for the family’s consumption, while also watching over the laying hens. She is an educator, and works with island schoolchildren ages 5-19 with the organization Island Grown Schools to bring agriculture-based experiences into the public schools. The two were married on the farm in October 2013. They now have a beautiful baby girl, Tavira Mirai.