The Allen Farm, one of Martha’s Vineyard’s oldest historic farms, is located on South Road in Chilmark, Massachusetts and is a successful model of a diversified family farm. Jonathan Allen originally purchased the farm in 1762, and his oldest son, Tristram built the still standing timber-framed farmhouse. The farm is about 100 acres of pastureland with only the South shoreƕs barrier beach and Chilmark Pond separating it from the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Mitchell, Clarissa, and their son Nathaniel have permanently preserved the land on the ocean side to ensure that this particularly beautiful view will always be a meadow by the sea. With a respect for its history, this family remains deeply committed to preserving and sustaining their farm.

Winter on the Farm

Winter on the farm

Hopefully this is our last snow of the winter! We are ready for spring.  

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Our loom is ready!

clarissa on loom

This week, Clarissa, Susan and I worked with Clare – the master weaver, who has been weaving our Allen Farm blankets for over 20 years – to load the warp for this winter’s round of blankets. It was a refresher course for Clarissa, the original Allen Farm weaver, and she jumped right back in! For […]

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